How does our process work?



Choose a package and order your DNA test


Take a simple cheek swab (no needles or blood)


Post your sample back to us with a pre-paid envelope


Receive your results [PDF Report] via email within 4-6 weeks


Book your FREE one on one consultation session


Modify your lifestyle accordingly and start to see results

Shipping Information:

  • Pre-paid return envelope included (UK only)
  • International shipping available, return shipping at own cost. Please enquire if we ship to your country before ordering

How DNApal Compares to other DNA Tests:

Not all DNA tests are the same. With DNApal the you get the following:
1. A test that covers over 700k genetic variants (SNPs)

Some DNA tests cover only the few genetic variants they report on. By testing for a large number of known genetic variants we are able to offer ongoing DNA reports and insights without requiring you to do another DNA test. 

2. Over 30 different DNA insights

Since we test for a large number of genetic variants, we are able to report on a larger number of genetic insights. This will continue to grow as research grows.

3. Personalised, actionable nutrition and lifestyle advice

As qualified, registered nutrition professionals specialising in nutrigenomics (the interaction between your DNA and your diet & lifesyle), we are able to not only provide your DNA results but also helpful recommendations and advice.

4. Full DNA data privacy

Some DNA testing companies sell and use your data for research and other purposes. Always check privacy policies!

5. Access to and ownership of your raw DNA data file

You can request your raw data file from us at any time. Not all companies allow you access to your file.


Cathy, UK

“So far it’s really promoted me to eliminate caffeine, add in more fatty fish, increase veg, and supplement vitamin D. Honestly such a helpful reminder to make small tweaks for improved well-being.”


What our Clients Think

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are reporting life changing improvements since implementing DNApal’s suggestions.

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Do you have an existing DNApal Test?

Customers who have already taken a DNA test through DNApal, will be able to purchase additional lifestyle suggestions through our existing customer packages.


Sarah T, UK

“It’s awesome to have information about my DNA to ensure I make informed decisions on what I eat and need for a healthy lifestyle. I can easily refer back to make sure I am on track.”

Have you already been tested elsewhere?

If you have previously taken a test with Ancestry or 23andMe, we can use your raw DNA data from these services to access DNApal’s advanced diet, health and lifestyle information and advice.

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Young Couple

Sarah J, Spain

“I’m a PT and would love to use this info to support my clients and share with people in general. Absolutely love the concept!”

Improve your life in many areas with information from your DNApal results:



Discover if you are predisposed to high cholesterol and what to do about it.

weight loss

Weight Loss

Discover what might be behind weight gain / retention and the ideal diet and fitness programme to follow to lose or maintain a healthy weight!

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Suffering from poor sleep? Find out if your genes are to blame and how to achieve a better night’s sleep


Thyroid Health

Both low and high thyroid function can be bad for your overall health. Learn if you are predisposed to thyroid dysfunction and how to maintain thyroid health.

Destress Icon


Feeling overwhelmed?
Discover how your genes impact your ability to deal with stress, how your body is impacted and what to do about it.

More Energy

More Energy

Need an energy boost? Find out what may be sapping your energy and how to get your bounce back!

Female Hormones

Female Hormones

Haywire hormones? Learn about your oestrogen pathways and how to balance your hormones naturally.

male hormones

Male Hormones

Discover your testosterone type and how to reduce production of undesirable forms of testosterone

insulin secretion

Insulin Secretion

Discover if you are likely to produce low insulin levels

caffeine sensitivity

Caffeine Sensitivity

Is caffeine likely to have a negative impact on your stress levels, anxiety and sleep?

lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance

Can you digest dairy products or are they likely to leave you bloated?

gluten sensitivity

Gluten Sensitivity

Are you likely to have digestive difficulty with gluten?


Carbohydrate Sensitivity

Should you avoid certain types of carbohydrates?

Histamine intolerance

Histamine Intolerance

Is histamine behind your allergies and other symptoms?

Alcohol Intolerance

Alcohol Intolerance

Are you highly sensitive to alcohol?



Are you genetically prone to being more hungry?


Vitamin B9

Do you have a high need for folate (vitamin B9)


Vitamin B12

Are you predisposed to low levels of vitamin B12


Vitamin D

Do you need more vitamin D?

Omega 3


Do you need more Omega-3?



Do you have a high need for antioxidants?

blood pressure

Blood Pressure

Discover if you are predisposed to high / low blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Your genes can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Find out how to manage and reduce your risk.


Fitness Type

Discover the type of exercise you are genetically suited to.



Are you more prone to tendon and ligament injury?



Find out your exercise recovery type.



Are you prone to inflammation?



Discover if you are more susceptible to viral / fungal / bacterial infections.